About us

We at Throat Cancer Foundation (TCF) are dedicated to reducing the impact of throat cancers on society and on individuals. We are here to offer support, and want to ensure that anyone affected – patients, carers and loved ones – has access to the most up-to-date information available regarding their illness, the available treatments, and what to expect in recovery.

TCF was founded in 2012 by Scottish businessman and oropharyngeal cancer survivor Jamie Rae. Following his treatment and recovery, Jamie was concerned by the lack of resources and support available to people facing throat cancers, and established TCF to provide what was missing: reassurance and community for those facing throat cancers.

Our work is guided by a team of leading cancer experts and consultants working in research and treatment of the illnesses we aim to fight. See here to find out about the members of our team.

In addition to supporting those currently affected by cancer, TCF works to reduce the occurrence of throat cancer cases. This includes funding research into prevention and cure, advocating healthier lifestyles and campaigning for universal HPV vaccination. Have a look at our HPVCampaigning and Fundraising/Donation pages for more information about our work in these areas and how you can get involved.

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