Ethical Policy

The Throat Cancer Foundation is a registered charity dedicated to the eradication of throat cancers through research and prevention.
Until the day we can eliminate all cancers of the throat, we aim to support and give a voice to those whose lives are touched by these diseases.

Through education programmes and campaigns, we work to raise public awareness of the causes, symptoms and prevention of throat cancers.
We passionately pursue, and lobby for, access to a 'Gold Standard of Care' for all – regardless of location, background or financial status – and universal vaccination against the Human Papillomavirus strains which are thought to cause throat cancer.

The Throat Cancer Foundation believes our mission and aims can be more effectively achieved by working collaboratively, in partnership with a wide range of individuals and organisations in the public, third and private sectors. Our success will, critically, be dependent on support from a wide range of organisations for a significant proportion of its core and project costs.

It is therefore essential that the Throat Cancer Foundation has a strict, clear and transparent policy for collaboration and sponsorship. Such a policy will benefit both the Throat Cancer Foundation and other organisations by ensuring that the Throat Cancer Foundation remains independent and autonomous so that there can be no influence – either actual or perceived – on its work and that our reputation is enhanced rather than put at risk.

The Throat Cancer Foundation aims to be bold, brave, innovative and authoritative. We will campaign and lobby for change in government policy on HPV Vaccination and access to a 'Gold Standard of Care'. We seek to act with integrity at all times, to be inclusive and work co-operatively but to remain independent.

You can find out more on our ethical policy in the document below:

TCF Ethical Policy pdf

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