Get involved

Make a difference today

The work we are doing would not be possible without the assistance of the public. We need people to volunteer their time to fund raise for us and help spread awareness of throat cancer and the challenges people face when they are facing a diagnosis.  

There is a huge amount of work that needs to be done: education, lobbying for change, supporting patients and their families, funding research into treatment and preventative medicine and more. Whether you can spare 10 hours a week or 10 hours a year, every little helps and you can make a difference and help those affected by cancers of the throat.

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Whatever your reasons for helping us, whether you are a survivor, a carer, a friend, a colleague, a mum, a dad, a doctor, a dentist - you can make a difference. A donation will help us to help others now and help us protect future generations too. We fund research and education programmes, we develop resources for patients and medics, we lobby for the best treatment and preventative measures and we need your help. Click on the donate link below or have a look at our fundraising ideas.

So, please give a little bit and help us in the fight against cancer.