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The Throat Cancer Foundation has built a network of esteemed medical and health professionals who have offered us their expertise and time. If you have any questions which you would like us to put to the team then let us know here.

any questions?This is not a substitute for medical advice from your health professional of course and not to be used in emergencies. We want this to be used for those questions that you forgot to ask at your clinic, or that only seem to occur to when you are sitting at home. If you send them to us we will distribute them to our team and they can give you their answers. 

Before you send us a question check through our FAQ's and see if the information you want is there - if not post your question above and we will distribute to our team. We will have an answer within 7 days for you. If we have not responded in that time check your junk folder in case our email has been put there. 

Please remember that this is not a substitute for medical advice and if you are suffering from symptoms for a prolonged period of time, we urge you to contact your GP.

There are several different types of cancer which can affect the throat, mouth, neck and chest.

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