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The Throat Cancer Foundation welcomes media enquiries from press looking to find out more about us and the work that we are doing. We have a range of spokespeople who can talk about all the issues surrounding throat cancer and treatment. This includes patients, healthcare professionals and anyone else who has a vested interest in improving the lives of those affected by throat cancer.

We will also use our news and blogs section to highlight the latest news and advances around throat cancer and treatment options.

For all media enquiries contact the TCF team here and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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18/07/18 - TCF Press release 18 07 2018

18/07/18 - TCF Press release 18 07 2018 Scottish Government

01/02/13 - TCF Press Release 01/02/13.

resources for press


Here we have downloadable versions of presentations and other resources for more information:

  • TCF Presentation on HPV including introduction to TCF and our mission. This is the first in a series of presentations where we will raise our concerns and highlight important issues for throat cancer patients and their loved ones. The presentation can be downloaded here - The HPV Epidemic.

There are several different types of cancer which can affect the throat, mouth, neck and chest.

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