What we do

Founded in 2012, the Throat Cancer Foundation is a registered charity dedicated to helping people affected by the fastest growing cancer in the UK. We have a valuable network of supporters from volunteers, patients and their loved ones, to leading doctors, medical professionals, and other charities who have helped us.


  • To raise awareness of cancers affecting the throat
  • To empower patients and carers by providing a forum for the most up to date information on cancer, treatment and care
  • To campaign for a ‘Gold Standard of Care’ and for this to be available for all patients
  • To assist with research into treatments, their efficacy and how post-treatment quality of life can be improved
  • To lobby governments to introduce Gender Neutral Vaccination in order to reduce the impact of HPV


The Throat Cancer Foundation would not exist without our volunteers, who very generously donate their time and resources to help us achieve our goals. Support like this is invaluable, and every little helps. 

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