Patient Journey

Paul’s story

In 2011, Paul Barr from Coventry, started to get a sore throat, but despite taking over the counter throat lozenges from his local pharmacy, the pain was not receding. After six weeks of his sore throat not going away, he finally went to his doctor.  The doctor diagnosed him as having ‘Laryngitis’, a general sore

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Grandmother told ‘kissing’ could have caused HPV related throat cancer set to abseil Spinnaker Tower to raise awareness for life changing disease

A grandmother who is set to abseil down ‘Spinnaker Tower’ in Portsmouth in September in honour of fellow throat cancer survivors has opened up about the lack of awareness surrounding HPV-related throat cancers and also the impact both the disease and diagnosis had on her. Victoria Workman, 59, told how she was grilled with personal

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Niki’s story

Niki Shaw, shares with honesty, her personal journey with a throat cancer diagnosis during COVID.  From dealing with delayed appointments to harrowing restrictions, that included having to be separated from her husband for six weeks and medical staff who couldn’t support her as they would have normally been able or liked to do as before. 

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Personal trainer opens up about HPV-related throat cancer

A personal trainer who lost three stones in weight and was left bedridden after a harrowing battle with throat cancer has spoken out about his ordeal. Jeff Bradford, 56, organised a charity fundraising event involving pals at Life and Sole gym in Forres, Moray, to take part in the Loch Ness Beast Race in aid

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Julie Harmon, A carer’s story

Most of the personal stories we share are from throat cancer patients. We hear one of the most moving stories from a carer. Julie Harmon’s husband Phil was diagnosed with Tonsillar Cancer in 2014 and she kept a diary full of brutal honesty about her experience of dealing with and coping with it all. A

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