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Centre for Regenerative Medicine hosts research students developing resource for young people to know more about HPV and the importance of being vaccinated against it

This summer, Dr Elaine Emmerson of the Centre for Regenerative Medicine will be hosting and supervising two Nuffield Research Placement students.  The S5 students are studying the perception of the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine amongst young people aged 11-17.   Part of that study is an appeal to that age group to participate in short survey.

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Make Sure to Take Up Your Appointments in 2021

By Professor Chris Nutting, BSc MBBS MD PhD FRCP FRCR ECMO MedFIPEM FMedSci Consultant and Professor in Clinical Oncology Royal Marsden Hospital and Institute of Cancer Research Clinical advisor to Throat Cancer Foundation As one of the most health-challenging years ever draws to a close, my message for 2021 is to encourage everyone to keep

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Are UK healthcare professionals equipped to provide information and support on Human Papillomavirus to patients diagnosed with cancer of the head and neck?

A new paper, written by Rebecca Jopson and Jennifer Callender, focused on looking at the information that is available for both patients and medical professionals dealing with Human Papillomavirus (HPV) related throat (head and neck) cancers. Asking the questions, was there sufficient information, were medical professionals comfortable with discussing issues arising out of a HPV

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Image: Radiotherapy IMRT. Credit: Jan Chlebik, The ICR

New optimised precision radiotherapy can reduce swallowing difficulties for head and neck cancer patients

A new optimised intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) pioneered at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust and The Institute of Cancer Research, has been shown to spare head and neck cancer patients’ adverse life-long side effects post treatment. Read the full article from The Institute of Cancer Research here.

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Update from Dr Elaine Emmerson, on her long term research aiming to restore salivary gland function and bring relief to sufferers of ‘dry mouth’

Radiotherapy is a life-saving treatment for those with cancer and the majority of those with head and neck cancer will receive radiotherapy. Although radiotherapy mostly succeeds in treating the cancer, a severe side-effect is damage to healthy tissue. Cells which produce saliva can be destroyed, leading to chronic dry mouth (termed xerostomia), resulting in many

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Coronavirus and throat cancer – looking after your mental health

It can be difficult for those living with throat cancer to remain positive while there is uncertainty surrounding coronavirus. Whether it’s conflicting media reports, ever changing medical advice or simply concerns over what impact COVID-19 could have on loved ones, this may also be taking its toll on your mental health. Being concerned about the

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Throat Cancer Foundation chief executive warns of devastating impact the coronavirus could have on charities across the country

The chief executive of national organisation the Throat Cancer Foundation has spoken about the devastating impact the coronavirus will have on charities across the nation. Non profit organisations could lose millions of pounds in fundraising if the coronavirus, known as COVID-19 stops events like the London Marathon, as the pandemic threatens to impact the global economy.

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Throat Cancer Foundation launches nationwide campaign to stop the stigma surrounding HPV related throat cancers

The Throat Cancer Foundation has launched a new, nationwide campaign aimed at tackling the stigma of people living with HPV-related throat cancer.  No More HPV Stigma will focus on bringing together medical professionals and people who have lived with Human Papillomavirus (HPV) linked head and neck cancers to facilitate an open dialogue about changes that

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