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Why so many with throat cancer dread Christmas

‘Eat, drink and be merry,’ is the commandment that most people live by when it comes to Christmas. However, for those living with throat cancer, it can be the most dreaded time of the year as what we all take for granted, such as eating and drinking at social events, has been cruelly taken away

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The Throat Cancer Foundation And How It Changed A Government’s Mind

The Throat Cancer Foundation (TCF) was founded by oropharyngeal cancer survivor Jamie Rae.  Jamie, a successful businessman was diagnosed in 2010 with the disease, which in his case was caused by the Human Papillomavirus (HPV).  It was during his treatment that he became alarmed and concerned about the lack of resources and support available to those

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Dr Emmerson

Why I’m Working To Help Relieve Dry Mouth For Throat Cancer Sufferers

Dr Emmerson’s research work is aimed at relieving ‘dry mouth’ in throat cancer sufferers; a very debilitating condition often brought on as a result of radiotherapy treatment for cancer,  by regenerating salivary glands. Here she explains her very personal reasons as to why she is involved with this exciting work. My father was diagnosed with

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