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Online Access To The HPV Conference In Galway

UPDATE ON ONLINE ACCESS TO CONFERENCE TOMORROW. There will be ways to follow the events at the HPV Symposium in Galway, Ireland tomorrow even if you are not on the Emerald Isle. The outline of the day is as follows. A symposium on the causal role of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) in Head and Neck

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Video: HPV Vaccine And It’s Benefit For Boys

WHO IS DR SHAPIRO? Dr Marla Shapiro is a breast cancer survivor and TV doctor on Canada AM, Canada’s most watched morning show. On Canada AM she has outlined why thE HPV vaccine must be given to boys as well as girls. Her arguments are compelling and we want to share them here. WHERE CAN

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Acupuncture Helps Patients With Dry Mouth

A recent study has proven that the ancient therapy of acupuncture helps patients who suffer from dry mouth after radiotherapy. Dry mouth is sometimes called xerostomia and is one of the most common side effects for people who have had radiotherapy for a head and neck cancer? WHY DO PATIENTS GET DRY MOUTH? Patients who

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My Name Is Not Cancer Identity Day

Throat Cancer Foundation are absolutely delighted to support My Name is Not Cancers nationwide Identity Day. My Name Is Not Cancer® was established in 2011 and their aim is to empower anyone affected by cancer, helping them retain identity and a sense of self in the face of adversity, whether newly diagnosed with cancer, undergoing

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Better Prognosis For Hpv Positive Cancers

Marshall Posner, MD, Medical Director, Head and Neck Oncology Center, Mount Sinai Medical Center, discusses factors that contribute to an improved prognosis for patients with HPV-positive head and neck cancer when compared to patients who are HPV-negative. Posner explains that several retrospective studies have confirmed that HPV-positive oropharyngeal cancer is highly response to surgery, radiotherapy,

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Dr Sturgis From M.D Anderson On HPV

Very interesting video in which Dr Sturgis, from MD Anderson discusses HPV and the link to throat cancer, particularly oropharyngeal cancer. Interestingly he tells us that he is making sure that his sons get the HPV vaccine the same as his daughter to protect them against HPV related diseases. We have asked over 150 experts whether

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Articles About Throat Cancer From Australia

TCF are very pleased to provide links to some excellent articles written by Carol Duncan, an Australian journalist who writes for 1233 ABC Newcastle. Carol has written a whole series of articles covering such areas as the link between HPV and throat cancer, the Australian governments progressive approach to HPV vaccination by including boys from

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Da Vinci Robotic Surgery

We came across this news item from Australia about a two part surgical procedure for a patient with a tumour on the base of his tongue which was removed using Da Vinci Robotic surgeon. WHAT IS A DA VINCI ROBOT? Da Vinci is a brand name for a robotic surgeon. This does not mean that the robot

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Early Day Motion In The Houses Of Parliament

Throat Cancer Foundation is subject of an Early Day Motion in the Houses of Commons. What is an Early Day Motion? An Early Day Motion or EDM is raised by an MP to gather support for a debate of an issue, or used to support and highlight a particular issue. There are certain rules that

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