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News & articles on throat and HPV-related cancers.

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Cancer Research UK

WHO ARE CANCER RESEARCH UK?   Cancer Research UK have been going since 1902 and along the way have achieved a long list of firsts. …

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We Are Macmillan. Cancer Support

WHO ARE MACMILLAN.CANCER SUPPORT? Macmillan are one the UK’s largest charities dedicated to supporting those with cancer. They offer a wide range of services and …

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My Name Is Not Cancer Identity Day

Throat Cancer Foundation are absolutely delighted to support My Name is Not Cancers nationwide Identity Day. My Name Is Not Cancer® was established in 2011 …

Penny And Helen’s Story

We are delighted and honoured to share Penny and Helen’s story about why they have decided to run not one but two marathons to raise …

Travel Insurance

TRAVEL INSURANCE FOR CANCER PATIENTS. One issue which has come up time and time again for cancer patients and survivors is affordable travel insurance. Many …

Latest Updates From TCF

It has been a very busy time for the charity and we are moving forward at a very good pace. We could not have done …

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