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Jeremy Hunt Faces Fresh Calls To Vaccinate Teenage Boys Against HPV

The Mail on Sunday published this article today mentioning our intention to seek a judicial review on the grounds on gender discrimination if the Joint Committee on Vaccination …

Call To Extend HPV Vaccine To Boys As Cancer Rates Soar

The Guardian have today published an article saying that new figures, to be released in a couple of weeks, will show rates of head and …

House Of Lords

Universal HPV Vaccination Discussed In House Of Lords

A question was raised by Baroness Altmann in the House of Lords today about universal HPV vaccination and was discussed by peers. You can view a video …

Travel insurance for cancer patients

One issue which has come up time and time again for cancer patients and survivors is affordable travel insurance. Many people have said that travel …

Help Us In Our Fight To End HPV And HPV-related Cancers

Help Us In Our Fight To End HPV And HPV-related Cancers

We have launched a CrowdJustice campaign so we can fight to end HPV-related cancers by challenging the discriminatory policy to not offer HPV vaccination to boys, and …

Patient Journey: David Beattie

David Beattie, 58, was diagnosed with throat cancer in June 2009. Now in remission, he shares his story of treatment in both Glasgow and London. …

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