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News & articles on throat and HPV-related cancers.

HPV Action

HPV Action

HPV ACTION As our supporters will know TCF have been campaigning since our inception to change the dangerous and discriminatory policy towards HPV vaccination in …


European Congress On Head And Neck Oncology (Echno 2014),

ECHNO 2014 The European Congress on Head and Neck Oncology (ECHNO 2014), being held at The ACC, Liverpool, UK from 24-26 April 2014. An emphasis has …

Mouth Cancer Foundation logo

Mouth Cancer Foundation

WHO ARE THE MOUTH CANCER FOUNDATION? The Mouth Cancer Foundation is one of the UK’s leading mouth cancer charities. It was established by Dr Vinod Joshi in …

Hpv Vaccines Prevents Infection In The Oral Cavity

HPV VACCINE WILL PREVENT THROAT CANCERS Great news from Costa Rica about the efficacy of the HPV vaccine at preventing HPV infections in the oral …

Michael Douglas, Oral Sex And HPV

ORAL SEX,HPV AND CANCER The press interest in Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and throat cancer has exploded thanks to an interview given recently by Hollywood movie star Michael …

Latest News On Michael Douglas And HPV

You have probably noticed that there has been quite a lot of press interest in throat cancer, HPV and oral sex since Michael Douglas gave …

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