Professor Christopher Nutting


A graduate of the University of London, Professor Christopher Nutting is one of the UK’s leading oncologists. He joined the Throat Cancer Foundation’s consultant team after overseeing the treatment of the founder Jamie Rae for Oropharyngeal Cancer in 2010.

Responsible for the Head and Neck Unit at The Royal Marsden since 2002, he was appointed National Clinical Lead in Head and Neck Cancer by the Department of Health and the Cancer Services Collaborative in 2003. In 2006, he became Chairman of the National Cancer Research Institute Committee for head and neck cancer research, and the following year became President of the British Oncological Association. He is Principal Investigator for a number of research trials including the Cancer Research UK-sponsored PARSPORT and COSTAR Trials. He is principle co-investigator on an additional fifteen trials in head and neck cancer treatment.

Professor Nutting has been National Clinical Oncology adviser to the Data for Head and Neck Oncology project since 2005 and is Chairman of the National Advisory Board on Head and Neck Cancer to the Cancer Services Collaborative. He has been a chief consultant to the Throat Cancer Foundation since the charity’s inception in 2012.


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