Diagnosis, Treatment and Recovery

Cancer treatments vary depending on a number of factors, most particularly the type of cancer you are fighting. To help ensure you have as much information as possible on the treatments that may or may not be available to you, we have compiled this section in as comprehensive a manner as possible. Here you will find an overview of various treatments, potential side effects and possible outcomes when you or your loved ones are being treated for cancers in the head and neck. 

Please note that, while we aim to be as accurate as possible, the information provided is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Your doctor and medical team will always be the best source of information regarding your particular cancer case. Please use this section for general information only, and seek the advice of health professionals for solutions tailored to you.

If you have any concerns or worries about the care you are receiving why not have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions section or download our 'Questions to ask your Doctor' documents below. We have divided the questions into three sections which you can print off and use to make notes.

Questions to ask before treatment starts

Questions to ask about Cancer treatment

Questions to ask after treatment finishes

Your concerns might have an answer here on the site. We hope that this knowledge and experience will help you prepare for the treatment journey.

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