December 8, 2020

Are UK healthcare professionals equipped to provide information and support on Human Papillomavirus to patients diagnosed with cancer of the head and neck?

A new paper, written by Rebecca Jopson and Jennifer Callender, focused on looking at the information that is available for both patients and medical professionals dealing with Human Papillomavirus (HPV) related throat (head and neck) cancers. Asking the questions, was there sufficient information, were medical professionals comfortable with discussing issues arising out of a HPV

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London based legal firm Kerman and Co makes major donation of £1,500 to support the Throat Cancer Foundation this Christmas

We are delighted and incredibly grateful to announce that Kerman and Co have kindly donated £1,500 to us as part of their Christmas campaign because ‘throat cancer’ impacted one of their colleagues. Their donation helps us not just us financially, but more importantly with raising awareness of throat cancer with their staff, clients and contacts,

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