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TCF are very pleased to provide links to some excellent articles written by Carol Duncan, an Australian journalist who writes for 1233 ABC Newcastle. Carol has written a whole series of articles covering such areas as the link between HPV and throat cancer, the Australian governments progressive approach to HPV vaccination by including boys from this year, the journey from diagnosis to treatment of a patient Mr Brad Keeling.

Here is Carol’s interview with Dr Jonathan Clark about the link between HPV and throat cancer. As we have found in our research and through our network of leading medical professionals this is a link which is real, causing an increasing number of cases and demands urgent action. Here is a picture of Dr Clark working with the Da Vinci Robot, which we have written about before. A piece of technology which can spare patients some very invasive and traumatic surgery.

This is a good piece which highlights not only the link between the HPV and throat cancer but the pressing need for their to be more research into this link, more research into treatment of HPV cancers and the benefits of a gender neutral vaccination programme. Australia have made the bold and progressive step to start immunising boys this year and we, and many leading cancer experts in the UK hope that the governments in the UK follow suit. We should not be lagging behind when it comes to sparing people from aggressive and debilitating treatment for cancers which can be fatal.

Carol has also written an excellent piece on with Mr Keeling about his diagnosis and how he reacted to the shocking news of a cancer diagnosis. This can be found here and is well worth a read. The symptoms which alerted Mr Keeling were ear ache,a sore jaw, a constantly runny nose and a feeling that there was something at the back of his throat that he could not swallow. These are some of the ways that cancers of the throat can present as symptoms. These can, of course, be symptomatic of lots of conditions which are not cancer. So , please , do not panic if you have these symptoms. What we would say is , if you have had these symptoms for a prolonged period of time make an appointment with your GP and get them checked out. It is probably not cancer but it is always best to get checked over.

Carol has an interview with Mr Keeling’s GP Dr Wendy Unwin which you can read here. This gives a good example of how the process of diagnosis and referral can work. It is, of course, different for each person but a GP will treat symptoms and if that does not work and symptoms persist – they will then ask other experts like ENT specialists to get involved and get to the root of the symptoms.  This can be scary but all treatment has a better outcome the sooner it starts.

As you can see there are a series of other interviews and transcripts of interviews to be digested – including an interview with a HPV researcher Professor Carol Canfell who highlights some of the ground breaking  work being done in Australia.

There are also interviews which show the treatment journey of Mr Keeling from beforeduring and after surgery for his HPV positive cancer. It looks like Mr Keeling is doing well and is progressing through his recovery. We wish him all the best and we would like to sign off with this quote from Mr Keeling about HPV vaccination for boys

As the most common cause of (this) cancer in men it seems to me that this recent move to vaccinate young boys in their first year of high school is a damn fine thing and should be promoted much more widely than it is.


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