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Cancer Research UK have been going since 1902 and along the way have achieved a long list of firsts. Now they are pushing well into the future – developing newer, kinder treatments, getting closer to cures. More than 1 in 3 of us will develop cancer at some point in our lives and with our ageing population, this statistic is getting worse.

CRUK are fighting for a world where no one’s life is cut short by cancer. And there is real hope. Each year our scientists get closer to finding cures for cancers – whether through targeted treatment or simply detecting cancers earlier.

To save lives; to add years; to make treatments kinder; to inform, prevent; to expel fear and to cure. The only ones fighting over 200 cancers – including the 1 that matters most to you.



Much like Macmillan. Cancer Support , there is a huge amount of data and resources on the CR-UK website. As CR-UK are dedicated to every kind of cancer we have grouped together some pages which will be the most use to people who have been affected by throat cancers.

For information about a specific type of cancer you can click here, this has a comprehensive list of all types of cancer and clicking each one will give you further information about the treatment regimen and other issues which can arise. As with Macmillan, if you cannot see your diagnosis in the list , then check the Head and Neck Cancer Page. This covers many of the conditions which can sometimes be classed as throat cancer.

CR-UK also have Cancer Nurse Specialists available over the telephone, call on 0808 800 4040, they are available  Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Calls are free from landlines. This service SHOULD NOT be used in emergencies, rather it is for non urgent enquiries. If you wish to email the team you can do that as well, click here for the contact form. Emails will be answered within 5 working days , if possible.

Other pages which offer support and resources are the Coping With Cancer pages, click here to get an overview of the support available. This section covers a wide range of issues from physical side effects of cancer and treatment, emotional support, financial support and more.


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