Da Vinci Robotic Surgery

We came across this news item from Australia about a two part surgical procedure for a patient with a tumour on the base of his tongue which was removed using Da Vinci Robotic surgeon.


Da Vinci is a brand name for a robotic surgeon. This does not mean that the robot does the surgery , rather it is an electronic tool manipulated by a surgeon which allows far greater maneuverability for the surgeon. This has particular benefits for head and neck cancer patients as it can mean that surgery is far less invasive and also far more precise.

A robot is a very useful tool when treating other kinds of cancer too. It is particularly useful when treating conditions like prostate cancer. Not only does it offer far greater maneuverability for the surgeon but they will be able to magnify the area being treated to offer even more precision. When dealing with an area like the head and neck which has a myriad of delicate structures, nerves, glands and arteries this can make a huge difference to an improved outcome.

TCF does not endorse any product but provides this as information only. There are other makes and brands of robotic surgeons and we do not endorse any of them.


There are several hospitals in the UK which can offer robotic surgery. Though it may not always be the most appropriate kind of surgery for a patient. As with all information on this website it is general, and individual patients will have different care needs.

If you are concerned about your care speak to your medical team and ask them about robotic surgery. You can ask to be referred but TCF will always advise patients to listen to the advice of their medical team.


This is an area which TCF is committed to improving in the UK. We are determined to raise funds to ensure that more patients have access to robotic surgery and the benefits that it brings. This is not just for throat cancer patients but for all patients across a range of conditions. By donating to TCF you can help us lobby for more robots in the UK.


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