Do you have difficulty eating and swallowing as a result of throat cancer?

We are working with a team based at the University College London who are developing a new technological device that aims to help people who have difficulty with eating and swallowing. The team are looking for volunteers to help with two different parts of this groundbreaking research.

They need volunteers who currently have or has had throat cancer and find food and drink going down the wrong way (aspiration). The device they are working on helps prevent this happening and the cough needed to clear any blockage.

They are looking to recruit for two exercises: one is for nationwide focus groups exploring the experience of aspiration and what people would be looking for in such a device. The other, for those in, or willing to travel to, the London or Bristol areas, are studies of surface muscle signals that can be used to trigger the device.

If you can help and would like to give your input, then please email to find out more.


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