Early Day Motion In The Houses Of Parliament

Throat Cancer Foundation is subject of an Early Day Motion in the Houses of Commons.

What is an Early Day Motion? An Early Day Motion or EDM is raised by an MP to gather support for a debate of an issue, or used to support and highlight a particular issue. There are certain rules that an EDM has to follow – one of which is that it has to be one sentence. That means EDM’s can be pretty long sentences which would have an English teacher tearing their hair out!

Our EDM has been sponsored by John Robertson MP, who is the Labour member Glasgow North West. The EDM has gathered support from the majority of political parties in the House. This is not a party political issue but a global and very human problem which demands action.

Here is the text of our EDM which is EDM 980:

That this House notes that almost 12,000 people in the UK are diagnosed with throat cancer each year, that the number of cases is rising rapidly, the incidence rate of oropharyngeal cancer doubled between 2002 to 2006 alone, and that men are much more likely to be affected; welcomes the launch of a new charity, the Throat Cancer Foundation, which aims to tackle this problem; considers that more must be done to improve the public’s awareness of how to prevent throat cancer through healthier lifestyles and also knowledge of the symptoms to enable early diagnosis and treatment; further notes the strong link between human papilloma virus (HPV) infection and throat cancer; further considers that many cases of throat cancer and others, including penile, anal, vulval and cervical cancers could be prevented through a more comprehensive and gender-neutral HPV immunisation programme; and further notes that the Australian government is extending its HPV immunisation programme to boys and urges the Government to consider such a step seriously and urgently.

As you can see it covers a lot in one sentence!

An EDM is a good starting point for us to start raising awareness amongst the decision makers in the UK government. We need our public officials to understand the seriousness of the issue and to take action now. We have a good network in place of MP’s who are supporting us but we need YOUR help too. You can lobby your MP to sign our EDM here. By making your voice heard you can make a huge difference in the fight against throat cancer.


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