Even Rock Singers Train Their Vocal Chords

Late in 2022 we were approached by the owner of a pub in Macclesfield, Called ‘The Swan with Two Necks’ telling us they would like to support us, as part of one of their music events in April.  The reason they were doing thing was because the brother, Steven of the owner, Wendy was diagnosed earlier in the year with a throat cancer.  We were naturally very grateful and delighted.

The fact it is an eclectic live music event (with singing) resonated even more with us.  Everyone loves to sing, and of course we use our voice to perform…whether that’s jazz, rock, opera, whatever genre, having a voice is an important, enjoyable element to do such a thing.  Here we have an event that will be loud and fun, with some very enthusiastic loud singing going on.  The point is, it highlights the one tool that if you lose it, to a disease like throat cancer, it pretty much takes away one of the things you enjoy doing, singing…loudly!

Now, to the uninitiated ear, some of the singers might just sound as if they are screaming lyrics.  But it’s simply not the case.  These singers know they need to train their voices to do what they do, as much as any singer from any genre has to do…looking after and taking their vocal chords.  They deserve as much respect as anyone for what they do.  It is a real talent.

The event entitled, ‘SwanLoad 2023’ is going to be happening on the 29th to 30th of April and will feature some amazing loud bands, including metal, synth, goth and groove from the Manchester area and beyond, with proceeds from it, going to support our work at the Throat Cancer Foundation.

If you are in the Macclesfield/Manchester area and both enjoy live music, and want to support us, then head along the ‘Swan with Two Necks’ pub at 65 Chestergate, Macclesfield and have a cracking evening and of weekend.

Thank you to everyone at the pub, to the bands and to everyone attending, for all your support.  YOU ROCK!!!

For more information and to get band line-ups, click here.


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