Friends take on 42km Challenge after father beats throat cancer

In the summer of 2019, Kelsey Dodd’s dad, found a lump in his neck while on holiday. A quick diagnosis established he had a throat cancer and would face several months of aggressive radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

His intensive treatment finished just 2 days after Christmas that year and as a result, he lost nearly all his ability to swallow and talk. He also had to be fed via a feeding tube.

The doctors said there was no guarantee of success and that the only follow-up option would be palliative care. Nor could they confirm that he would regain the use of his jaw or be able to eat again. Even if he could eat, they couldn’t guarantee any of his taste buds would return.

Her dad persevered and had his feeding tube removed last February, getting the all clear in May 2020. It’s taken the last year for his taste buds to return but he has (in his opinion) about 70% of them.

As Kelsey says, “We knew so little about throat cancer prior to his diagnosis, it can be incredibly devastating, so we feel very lucky”.

As a result Kelsey, jointly supported by her friend, Tara Hickey have both decided to take on the ‘Jurassic Challenge’ event and walk a staggering 42 Kilometres on the south coast of England to help fund the Throat Cancer Foundation in its programme to help raise awareness of throat cancer, and why early detection and treatment is important.

To support Kelsey, visit:

To support Tara, visit:

Thank you to them both and all their supporters.


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