George and Riley complete 10K challenge whilst enduring torrential rain and raise a fantastic £465

After their family friend Jon Organ, was diagnosed with a throat cancer in late 2022 and subsequently had a laryngectomy, 15 year old George and 14 year old Riley felt moved and compelled to support him.   So, they set themselves the mammoth challenge of running 10K.

They set a date, got Throat Cancer Foundation running tops and got into training for their event.  Little did they know their part of the UK was forecast to have heavy rain for their chosen day!

Unperturbed, the boys knew how important this was to Jon, his family and were driven to support anyone dealing with throat cancers.  Even a little rain was not going to stop the boys completing their challenge.

After the boys returned home, they explained, “It was a great run and for a great cause.   We are really happy we done it and raised a lot of money for the Throat Cancer Foundation”.

Speaking after the event, trustee Gordon Dow, of the Charity said, “We too are both proud and grateful to George and Riley.  These young men saw what their family friend Jon has endured, from his diagnosis, his laryngectomy and chemo and radiotherapy treatment and rose to the challenge”.

“The boys did this because they too don’t want to see anyone else go through what Jon has gone through.   This is why we will use their money raised as part of our media awareness campaign.  To help people to be on the look out of for early signs of throat cancers and get themselves treated quickly.”

“The money these two young men raised will directly help save more lives.   That cannot be underestimated”.


You can continue to support George and Riley here


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