How an Amazing 10 year old is helping to fund a major TCF project

Alfie Shaw, aged 10 just wanted to wear shorts everyday for his final year at primary school. Only putting long trousers on once he started high school.

As the weather got colder his mum kept telling him to wear longer trousers, but Alfie was adamant and said he didn’t want to and stuck to his guns and continued to wear his shorts.

In January as the temperatures dropped, Alfie’s dad said that if he was going to do a full year of wearing shorts then he should do it for charity.

Alfie thought about this. His grandad had been diagnosed with throat cancer, but in 2017 had beaten the disease. Alfie decided he would raise some money for the Throat Cancer Foundation in honour of his grandad and to raise awareness of throat cancers. So, on the 11th of January 2019 Alfie set up (with the help of his dad) his own JustGiving page and set a target £100. That target was met and smashed in less than three days, with support from his family and friends Alfie had received £175.

Over the month various targets were increased and met rapidly until the point where Alfie is on target to hit £1000 (Currently £700 plus £150 gift aid £850).

As Alfie carries on his amazing challenge and the temperature gets to the minus figures, he said that it’s been colder than normal but that the cold is not has bad as the chemotherapy or radiotherapy his grandad had to have every single day …

Alfie will carry on as his JustGiving page is still open for donations.

How will Alfie’s money raised be used? Later in 2019 the Throat Cancer Foundation is having designed, printed and distributed to all UK Cancer treatment centres two peer reviewed booklet guides; One entitled ‘Throat Cancer, information for patients, their families and loved ones. The second for medical professionals, entitled, ‘Throat Cancer, talking to patients and their families, A guide for clinicians and other health professionals.

The guides will give valuable information to those effected by throat cancers throughout the whole of the UK and the total cost of the project will be around £10,000. So, Amazing Alfie’s short wearing challenge has gone a long way to TCF meeting its target to deliver this these booklets to the sites where they are needed.

Thank you, Alfie, all your family, your friend and supporters. You’ve made a huge difference to those facing throat cancer.

Please support Alfie here


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