HPV Jabs Will Be Offered To Thousands Of Teen Boys On The NHS

The Mail on Sunday has reported that Jeremy Hunt will give the go-ahead for boys to vaccinated against HPV at the same time as girls.

While nothing is confirmed, this would be absolutely fantastic news as we’ve been campaigning for boys to be vaccinated since 2012.

Last year the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) made an interim decision that extending vaccination to boys wasn’t cost effective, and set no date set for a final decision.

The Mail on Sunday report that this decision was based on a ‘flawed’ computer model, and since running it again with new figures showing that 650 men lose their lives to HPV-related cancers each year (mainly of the throat or mouth) they have decided to recommend vaccination for boys.

We believe that keeping up the pressure on the JCVI through our campaigning along with HPV Action has helped keep this issue on the agenda, and we thank the Mail on Sunday for their campaign and articles over the last six months which have helped keep the injustice of the current vaccination policy in the public eye.

The fight isn’t over yet though. Even if the decision by the JCVI is confirmed when their minutes are published next month, the Government still has to accept their advice and set a timetable for the vaccination of boys to start.

With 2000 men diagnosed with a HPV-related cancer a year, and 650 men losing their lives, we are not willing to sit around and wait. We will continue with our legal action to bring a judicial review if we feel heels are being dragged or if the JCVI’s decision is different than reported.

You can read the full article on MailOnline.


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