‘HPV & Throat Cancer’ Guides For Patients And Professionals

Following surveys of patients who have a HPV-related throat cancer and medical professionals who are involved in the diagnosis and treatment of these cancers we’ve produced two guides which are now available.

Our surveys found that people who were diagnosed with a HPV-related throat cancer were generally unaware of any sources of information about it, and would have welcomed something that answered their questions. Many were unaware that HPV (Human Papillomavirus ) is a sexually transmitted disease and had concerns about the virus.

The medical professionals we surveyed told us that there was a lack of information for professionals and patients, and that they’d welcome resources that they could show to patients.

The guide we have created for patients includes answers to questions about HPV itself, how it is transmitted, how it affects their cancer and whether family is at risk. The professionals guide answers the same questions in a more technical way for clinicians, with references to medical texts which have more more information.

Both guides have been printed and we are in the process of distributing these to the relevant people across the UK so they can be made available to patients at the time of diagnosis. The patient version is also available to download here.


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