In Loving Memory of “Our Sharon”

The Throat Cancer Foundation has received a very generous donation of £1,500, in memory of Sharon Piggott Wilkinson, sadly lost to throat cancer in September 2021.   Sharon was manageress of The Vault bar, in Crook and much of the money has been donated by those who worked with her, customers, and of course her loving family and friends.   They all wanted to remember this wonderful lady.

What can we say about “our Sharon”?

A ‘Crook’ lass through and through, who worked hard all her life mostly in local pubs, the last 10 years or so as manageress behind the bar in The Vault.

A great mum, loving wife, loved sister, a loyal friend who would go the extra mile and more for anyone lucky enough to be touched by her kindness. To Sharon a friend in need was truly a friend indeed.

A few years ago, Sharon developed cancer in her mouth in the form of a lump under her tongue which was thought to be successfully removed, she actually attended her first appointment with the specialist by going to James Cook Hospital, herself on the bus so as not to worry her family.

Unfortunately, she discovered “a lump which didn’t hurt” in her neck during the second lock down. She actually turned up in the Specialist’s office without being referred by her GP and when this was pointed out to her, she said, “Well I’m here now”, and she soon began a treatment plan.  Due to some complications, the treatment couldn’t be carried out as completely as would have been liked and she was put on palliative care, succumbing to cancer a month or so before her 58th birthday.

During her funeral preparations we put a plaque and some photographs up in the pub referring to “Wilkies Bar” after her maiden name. Later we decided to raise money for Cancer charities in the name of “Wilkies Bar” in memory of “our Sharon” which brings us to where we are now and your donation.

We intend to continue raising money in Sharon’s name. Ian Clark dps, The Vault, Hope Street, Crook.


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