Latest News On Michael Douglas And HPV

You have probably noticed that there has been quite a lot of press interest in throat cancer, HPV and oral sex since Michael Douglas gave an interview to the Guardian where he talked about how he battled throat cancer caused by HPV, why he believes it was caused by oral sex and , rather more controversially, that oral sex is also the cure for throat cancer. We are going to publish a full response to the interview tomorrow but for the time being here is a collection of the way this story was reported around the world.

First of all, the original piece from the Guardian is here, this is the full interview by Xan Brooks and there are several follow up pieces which go into more detail about HPV and throat cancer. Here is a piece about HPVwhich is very good and informative. The media storm also prompted a live webchat with some medical experts. Click here for the full transcript, lots of questions asked and answered.  There are a few other pages which you will find on the Guardian website.

The BBC have a good article on their website and have some radio interviews with medical experts too. Click here to see and hear the BBC’s take on the news story. If we can get the BBC interviews with Jamie Rae , the founder of TCF , we will get them on the site too.

webmd, an online health resource published a Michael Douglas FAQ’s page on their site and quoted TCF too.

We will respond to the numerous issues raised by this interview tomorrow and keep you updated on all the latest developments here.


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