Man takes part in charity beard shave in memory of father who died from throat cancer

A builder is taking part in a charity beard shave on his birthday today (Nov 1st) in memory of his father who died from throat cancer.

Ionel-Florin-Moga, 36, will have his long, fuzzy beard shaved off to help raise funds for the Throat Cancer Foundation.


Ionel, From Carlisle, 36, told how his father, also named Ionel, was just 54 when he died from throat cancer in July 2012.

“He died just a year after he was diagnosed with the illness,” Ionel recalled.

“He started losing his voice and couldn’t breathe. The doctor gave him a voicebox to allow him to talk.

“I wanted to do something to help raise money towards the charity on my birthday so decided to shave off my beard.”

To donate towards the cause, visit






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