Penny And Helen’s Story

We are delighted and honoured to share Penny and Helen’s story about why they have decided to run not one but two marathons to raise money for TCF.

Penny and Helen are two sisters who unfortunately lost their Dad, Michael Scott-Evans,  to cancer of the larynx. They are running to honour the memory of their Dad and his brave battle with cancer which he faced with courage and dignity. We are going to reproduce their story here for you all.

I hope you can all take a moment to read their story and if can make a donation please do. You can click here to donate to their Just Giving page. Every penny for Penny counts and will help us support people who affected by cancers of the throat.

Our thanks to Penny and Helen, we are delighted that they have chosen to do this for us and we are honoured to share their memories of their Dad. I am sure everyone will agree that he sounds like a remarkable man.

We are sisters, Helen and Penny, and we are running “The Double” for the Throat Cancer Foundation. To complete the Double we will be running in the Edinburgh Marathon on Sunday May 26th 2013 , and in the New York Marathon on Sunday 3rd November 2013.

We run in memory of our Dad (Pops), Michael Scott-Evans who died at the young age of 65 years from cancer of the larynx. He had lived with the disease for just over two years after first being diagnosed in March 2006.

Dad underwent all the possible treatments available , laser, radiotherapy, surgery to remove his voice box and finally chemotherapy. Dad never complained once about his illness and he showed tremendous strength of character.

When the running gets tough and the weather is against us, we think of Dad, and how strong he was, and this makes us determined to keep going. We want to give something back in his memory, and we would like to raise £1000.00 for the Throat Cancer Foundation. We hope this will help create awareness of this new charity which supports research, and campaigns for the prevention and cure for all types of throat cancer.

Well done Helen and Penny and our thanks from everyone here at TCF.


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