Remembering David Bodimeade, devoted husband to Debbie, loving dad to Becky and doting grandad of four

David, aged 73, a retired policeman, sadly passed away peacefully at home from a throat cancer on the 15th of January, with his beloved wife and daughter at his bedside holding his hands.

When he was first diagnosed in 2002 and a serving policeman, his duties had to change a lot, so he became the internal police postman travelling around the police stations.

His work at the Police was his passion and even upon retirement he would still love to volunteer and help to maintain the police vehicles – taking them for their MOTS and washing them etc.

After his initial diagnosis he had extensive surgery.  Having ‘pull up’ reconstructive surgery as they call it and also his voice box removed.  He had to learn to talk again using the machine which at times he found very frustrating. However, with his forever positive attitude he mastered it, and life began to return to normal, as much as it could.

Despite having throat cancer, he continued having a couple of holidays abroad with mum each year (he did miss not being able to go for a swim though, due to the cancer) but he soaked up the sun.   He also carried on voluntarily working and also managed to take up playing golf 3 or 4 times a week.  He was always smiling; whatever life threw at him.

Unfortunately, in 2022, near enough exactly 20 years later, he was diagnosed again with gastric throat cancer at the base of his tongue.  The consultants told us in November there was nothing they could do and gave him 6 months to live. This was soul destroying for the family.

Becky and her mum cared for David, as in December he went downhill quickly.   He could not eat or speak as his tongue had swollen so much and his throat felt like razor blades.

When he died and over 300 people attended his funeral, no one in the family realised just how popular a man he really was – everyone remembered him for his positivity and always smiling.

David wanted the money donated from his funeral, which was £1050 to be given to the Throat Cancer Foundation, in the hope that it would help others.  He was grateful that the treatment / surgery he received in 2002, which gave him another 20 years and he got to see his four grandchildren be born and grow up.  He had a great life after surgery and for that all his family and friends are so thankful, they had him those extra 20 years.

The family are so proud of David and will love and miss him dearly.


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