Remembering Lynn

Last Christmas, we received a very kind and generous donation, from a law firm in London, Kerman and Co.  It was given to us for two reasons; firstly, they were doing it in lieu of sending corporate Christmas cards and secondly to show support to one of their colleagues, Lynn.  Lynn had earlier that year been diagnosed with a throat cancer.  At the time, she was thrilled to hear that her company, colleagues and friends were supporting us.

I had never met Lynn, but through her good friend Emma, I learned so much about her.  I learned she had a family, that she loved to cook.  That her work colleagues thought the world of her and would often reach out to help, sending messages of love and support, via video and presents when it was her birthday.  She had worked with many of them for 25 years and they were all wishing and wanting her to get better.

Emma would visit Lynn as often as she could, doing odd jobs to help her out, when she was too tired herself.  She described her friend Lynn like this, ‘She is such a vibrant and ‘live life to the full’ person, that it breaks my heart to see her this way.  She is one of the most admirable, kind, caring and unselfish women I know and I will miss her.’

Sadly, Lynn passed away last week.  But she was surrounded by her loving family and with an abundance of love and thoughts from her friends and colleagues.  Including us.

I hadn’t ever had the pleasure of meeting or speaking with Lynn, but I feel very privileged that I got to know a little about this wonderful woman.

I write this, because I feel a knew a little of Lynn, but I also want people to know that this is throat cancer for many.  It is a brutal disease that can take someone away we all love and leave us with broken hearts.  My story about Lynn is not unique, but it reflects what many families and friends face when losing a loved one to throat cancer…just how much they are sorely missed.

Rest in peace Lynn.

Gordon and the team at the Throat Cancer Foundation


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