Remembering Wonderful Betty Lang

Betty sadly passed away on December 19th 2019, aged 73.  A mum to three daughters, loving wife, and doting grandmother of six.

She was a very caring, loving mum and a good-natured person generally.  When she was first diagnosed with throat cancer in 1993, she never complained it, all she wanted was to see her children grow up.   It was during that year she had her voice box removed and after several months of rehabilitation, she returned to her many jobs.  She was a carer for older people, worked on an ice cream van, taxi business and at Collins the Bookbinders.

She was the youngest of 9 children, never complained and she had a wonderful life with her husband marrying him in 1974.  Sadly, he died in 2008.   They enjoyed many holidays over the years together as a family.

One of Betty’s passions was that she loved to sing, as she had a beautiful singing voice.  She was saddened, when her operation meant she couldn’t sing any more.  She had a beautiful voice.

After years of declining health, sadly she ended in St Margaret’s Hospice in Clydebank.  There she lived for a year before passing away with her loving family by her side.

Betty was the strongest, courageous woman anyone had ever known, always positive on everything.  She always said, “There are people worse off than me”.  She is missed by some many but live in the hearts of everyone who knew her everyone who knew her always had a story to tell about her.


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