Throat Cancer Foundation ambassador becomes Miss Scotland 2024 finalist

We are both delighted and pleased to announce that Cassie Gudgeon, one of our ambassadors has been nominated and confirmed as a Miss Scotland 2024 finalist.

Cassie became an ambassador after her dad, her best friend was diagnosed with a throat cancer in early 2023.  It was a heavy toll that the diagnosis took on Cassie and her whole family as they watched him go through some very tough and brutal treatment.  As Cassie described it, “Watching someone so close through something so difficult and feeling so helpless is soul destroying”.

Her dad’s throat cancer was caused by the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and came as shock to them all.  HPV is a virus which most people will get at some point in their lives, as soon as they become sexually active.  There are no symptoms and for most people the virus will naturally dissipate and not cause any issues.  Sadly, for small percentage of people, like Cassie’s dad it can lay dormant for several decades before becoming an HPV related cancer, which include throat.

Thankfully her dad came through his treatment and has been given the ‘all clear’.

In her role as an ambassador Cassie has taken on two key roles.  Firstly, she is undertaking some fundraising and on the 26th of July will be doing an epic skydive from nearly 2 miles up!  Her second role will be to talk about HPV to young people and to those diagnosed with HPV throat cancer.  This also includes the importance and value of being protected with a simple HPV vaccination to prevent future occurrences of throat cancers like her dad, “My dad’s cancer could have been prevented with a simple jab, and my dad, me and all our family would have avoided the agony we all went through.  No family should ever experience this”.

We wish her every success for her Miss Scotland journey, and we thank her also for her undertaking to raise awareness about HPV and throat cancer.

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