Throat Cancer Foundation chief executive warns of devastating impact the coronavirus could have on charities across the country

The chief executive of national organisation the Throat Cancer Foundation has spoken about the devastating impact the coronavirus will have on charities across the nation.

Non profit organisations could lose millions of pounds in fundraising if the coronavirus, known as COVID-19 stops events like the London Marathon, as the pandemic threatens to impact the global economy.

It comes after the National Council for Voluntary Organisations has published guidance for charities on the coronavirus outbreak.

Most charities depend on fundraising events such as the London marathon to help them fund vital medical research programmes, finding cures for life-threatening diseases including throat cancer.

Jamie Rae, Chief Executive of the Throat Cancer Foundation, warned of the impact the coronavirus will also have on charities throughout the country, who have hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of people raising funds for them.


Jamie Rae, chief executive of the Throat Cancer Foundation.


He said: “First and foremost is our concern for those who are at risk of developing symptoms from the coronavirus, particularly patients who have been through cancer treatment and who now have lower immune systems and are at risk of catching the virus.

“It’s evident that this epidemic will have not just have an impact on our health system the economy, but also on charities, foundations and other non profit organisations.

“Organisations such as the Throat Cancer Foundation rely on mass events such as the London marathon for fundraising towards our aim of improved treatment processes and greater survival rates.

“We do not receive any government funding for our work but we rely on the generosity of donations, volunteers and fundraisers, who have been working tirelessly over the last few months, or even years, to train for these types of events which are important source of income to charities or Foundations.”

The National Council for Voluntary Organisations has published guidance for charities on the coronavirus outbreak. Financial implications will also have to be thought about, the guidance says, including if income falls because of serious disruption and contingency costs for the year should the health crisis worsen.

Charities are also advised to consider carefully how beneficiaries could be affected by the coronavirus and to have contingency plans in place if a significant number of staff and volunteers are off sick.


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