Throat Cancer Foundation Launched And World Cancer Day

This was a great weekend for the TCF team, not only did we finally get our website launched and live but we got some great news coverage as well about our campaign for universal gender neutral vaccination.  We will be getting the copies of Jamie , the CEO of TCF , on the news very soon and we will get them loaded onto our news feed.

Jamie appeared on BBC Radio Scotland and live on Channel 5 News too. He put forward our case for gender neutral vaccination very clearly and hopefully it will get people talking about HPV and how we can tackle this ever increasing problem.

We also had a couple of other supporters on BBC Radio 5 Live too . One of our patient supporters Aidan spoke wonderfully about how tough and debilitating the treatment for HPV positive throat cancer is, Aidan made it clear just how tough recovery can be. We also had the support of Dr Paddy Niblock, Paddy is a clinical oncologist from NHS Tayside who is determined to improve treatment for head and neck patients and protect future generations from HPV cancers.  Paddy was great too and highlighted the simple facts that HPV cancer is increasing (as much as 3 times as many cases in 10 years in Scotland) and HPV vaccination will save lives. Simple and effective and we cannot thank them enough for their efforts and their eloquence.

Finally, this is World Cancer Day and we welcome all efforts to highlight some of the myths that have built up around cancer. Check out the site and see what you think of their resources and their message.


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