Top Manchester restaurant, Herd NQ jointly hosts unique fundraising event with food blogger, Robbie Atkinson and raise £945

Herd NQ, a recently launched restaurant, in the heart of Manchester, owned by couple Joe and Christiee, specialises in sourcing high quality beef products and applying a truly British influence to the style of their menu.  They are fast building a great reputation, with consistently high reviews and feedback from their customers.

A month after their launch in February 2020, Christiee’s father was given the all clear after gruelling throat cancer treatment, only to be told later in the year that it had returned and was sadly terminal.  Seeing what her dad was going through they decided to host an event in their restaurant to help raise funds that we, the Throat Cancer Foundation could use to help raise awareness of throat cancers.

To do this, they approached renowned Manchester food blogger, Robbie Atkinson of Robbie Reviews to create a one off menu that was both incredibly flavourful, but showcased the best of food preparation and skills of the restaurant, it’s owners and all the team.   Robbie is well known on the Manchester restaurant scene as well as an incredibly proficient home cook, and has currently nearly 4 million photo reviews on his work on Google reviews.


On the 22nd of October many guests sat down to enjoy a wonderful evening of great food designed by Robbie and cooked by Herd NQ.    It was both reflected on and not lost on the attendee’s and the organisers, that this wonderful food and all its unique textures and wonderful flavours, was for many who have had throat cancer is something that they cannot enjoy.   A simple pleasure the attendee’s enjoyed, is taken from many with throat cancer.




To keep a record of this fantastic evening, James Evens of Brightest Day Photography kindly took several many high quality shots of the restaurant and he deserves our thanks too.    His work showed not just how Robbie, and everyone at Herd NQ worked, but also how wonder the food actually was.

In the end £945 was raised.

Like many restaurants, throughout the country, Herd NQ have faced changes and restrictions to their business due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.   Which, when they had not long opened, was difficult.  We would encourage you, when possible, visit their wonderful restaurant, or take advantage of the takeaway service.    At the very least, if you or your family has been affected by a throat cancer, go in and say thank you.

We can’t thank them all enough.


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