Video: HPV Vaccine And It’s Benefit For Boys


Dr Marla Shapiro is a breast cancer survivor and TV doctor on Canada AM, Canada’s most watched morning show. On Canada AM she has outlined why thE HPV vaccine must be given to boys as well as girls. Her arguments are compelling and we want to share them here.


The full article and video can be viewed here and is a must watch if you are unsure about why HPV vaccination must be given to boys as well as girls.

Dr Shapiro outlines the case very simply and the key points are:

  • HPV is now being talked about as a gender neutral disease – which is well overdue. While we have focused on girls and prevention of cervical, vulvar and vaginal cancers with the roll out of the HPV school vaccine initiative, we have overlooked HPV as a cause of disease in men and boys.
  • The spectrum of HPV disease in men includes genital warts, penile cancers, anal cancers and oropharyngeal cancers including cancers of the soft palate and tonsillar area.
  • HPV head and neck cancers are increasing at an alarming rate.
  • According to data on cancers-2009 in the U.S., oropharyngeal cancer in men was some 10,511 cancers and cervical cancer in women was 11,388 cancers.
  • In addition in the homosexual population the rates on Anal cancer in MSM is 35/100,000 people which is the same rate of cervical in women prior to pap screening of 35/100,000 people.
  • HPV is a gender neutral disease.


Without a doubt the pressure is building on governments and health boards across the world to accept that HPV can no longer be thought of as the cervical cancer virus, or a virus wherein the burden is heaviest for females but a gender neutral virus which needs a gender neutral vaccination.

We urge you to watch the video and listen to Dr Shapiro outline the facts about HPV and why vaccination of boys must start happening around the world.


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