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Macmillan are one the UK’s largest charities dedicated to supporting those with cancer. They offer a wide range of services and are involved in every facet of cancer care: from diagnosis, to treatment and recovery to coping with life limiting conditions and loss.

Macmillan are there for all people affected by cancer across all of the UK. Macmillan have been at the forefront of research and,  if you are a patient or a carer you will most likely have had some contact with Macmillan: whether a Macmillan Nurse or volunteer offering support. You will find Macmillan in hospitals, libraries and other places where you can reach out to them and get support. If you do not know where to find your local Macmillan support centre , click here and enter your postcode, it will bring up a list of local Macmillan services.



The Macmillan website is chock full of resources and support for every kind of cancer condition. It can be a little overwhelming if you are trying to find information about specific things. We have gathered some of the pages which are specific for head and neck cancers and other useful pages.

To find information about your specific cancer type then please click here. This page lists all the different cancer types and has specific information about each one. If you cannot see your specific diagnosis please remember that many of the conditions which can affect the throat are grouped under the cancer type, Head and Neck Cancer.

For further information about the types of treatment for cancer then you can find more information here. This can give an overview of types of treatment, common side effects, ways of coping with side effects and more.

To find information about financial support on the Macmillan Page then please click here. Macmillan offer a benefits advice service which can be very useful, especially in this time of great upheaval for the welfare system. Macmillan can also offer a grant system to help people cope with the financial impact of cancer, for more information on grants click here.



Macmillan have a telephone support service as well. Sometimes you do not want to have to trawl through internet page after internet page and want to talk to a person, click here for more info, or call on 0808 808 0000. This number is available Monday to Friday 9am to 8pm and is free from landlines.



You can also order resources from Macmillan covering every single aspect of cancer treatment and cancer care. These resources are free and will be shipped to your address for free. You will have to register with Macmillan which you can do here. Here you will find everything from cancer types, treatment, financial advice and other support for free.


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