We Did It! Boys Will Be Offered Hpv Vaccination!

Absolutely fantastic news – the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) have today recommended extending HPV vaccination to boys as well as girls.

We’re absolutely delighted and thank everyone who has helped us in our campaign for this over the last six years.

We will no longer need to launch a judicial review and so are closing our CrowdJustice case. However, the fight isn’t quite over yet – The Scottish Government have announced that they will be following the JCVI’s recommendation and offering universal vaccination ‘as soon as is practicable’ which is fantastic, but at the time of writing we haven’t heard similar assurances from the health departments in England, Wales or Northern Ireland.

We will keep fighting for these programmes to be delivered in a timely manner so boys as well as girls are protected from HPV-related cancers in later life.

You can follow our progress on FacebookTwitter and here on our website.

Links to articles about the JCVI’s recommendation:

‘HPV jab should be given to boys, committee says’ – BBC News
‘HPV: Boys should be given cancer-preventing jab, says vaccination body’ – The Independent
‘U-turn as Government advisers declare teenage boys SHOULD be given the life-saving HPV vaccine…’ – Daily Mail

Links to articles about the Scottish Government’s decision to vaccinate boys:

‘HPV vaccine will be rolled out to schoolboys in Scotland to protect against throat cancer’ – The Herald
‘Boys in Scotland to also receive HPV vaccine, say Scottish Government’ – The National
‘HPV vaccination to be offered to Scottish boys’ – BBC News


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