What is your throat and some amazing facts that will make you value it?

Fundamentally our throat is a ring like muscular tube which as acts as the passageway that supplies our bodies with air and transports down into our stomach anything we eat and drink.  It is also an important part of our anatomy that allows us to form speech.

It is made up of three important parts.


Or as we more commonly call it, the ‘voice box’.   This is the part of the throat with carries the vocal cords, so it is key to forming speech.  It also acts as passageway to the trachea (windpipe), where air is taken in.


A small leaf shaped flat that makes sure that food doesn’t enter into the windpipe and lungs, but ensures the food is pushed down into the oesophagus.  It stands open when we are breathing and closed over the windpipe when eating.   All automatically, without us even thinking about it.

Tonsils and adenoids 

Situated at the back of our throats, in our childhood they protect us against developing infections, but as we grow older, they become obsolete and are often removed.

All these parts of the throat in our body work together to allows us to lead as normal and ordinary day to day life without a second thought.   Yet overall, our throats are anything less than ordinary.  Here are 5 facts that help us understand how amazing our throat are.

  1. The throat is regarded as part of our respiratory and digestive systems as it carries both air and food.
  2. Because air and food pass through, the throat is considered to be part of the respiratory system and digestive system.
  3. At its back, the throat contains support nerves and blood vessels running throughout our whole body.
  4. There is a small bone calla a hyoid bone and is the only bone in our bodies that is not connected to any other bone. It is also thought to be the bone which is require for the ‘foundation of speech’.
  5. Your throat branches off into two at the bottom. One branch takes air to your lungs, while the other branch takes food to your stomach.

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