Why does cancer research uk classify throat cancer as ‘hard to treat’?

When a patient is diagnosed with throat cancer, their treatment may include surgery, along with chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

The throat area carries very important nerve ends, veins and the spinal cord, which if damaged during surgery to remove cancerous cells can affect a person’s hearing, their ability to speak, swallow and eat properly, their sight, their sense of smell or even to their ability to breath properly or unaided.

But even when a patient survives treatment, there can be consequences, and they can experience many ongoing side effects; such as hair loss, nausea, weakened immune system, diarrhoea and constipation, mouth ulcers, constant fatigue, tissue damage, saliva gland damage, mucositis (inflamed and ulcerated lining from the mouth to the throat, making it extremely difficult to eat or drink), as well as dental and hearing problems.

Some lose their voice boxes and others the ability to eat solid foods, relying heavily on permanent feeding tubes.  Some must have teeth and parts of their jaw removed as part of the treatment.

These side effects are life changing and can last for months, years or in many cases are sadly permanent.

It is a cancer for some which causes a whole world of hurt for those diagnosed with it and for the families and loved ones to have to watch.

There may be members of your own family or circle of friends who have been touched in some way by this brutal cancer, either directly or you know people who have experience of it.

That’s why we work hard to support those affected by throat cancer and the loved ones who care for them.   But we cannot do it alone and we need your support to help us continue to give people that support.

That’s why we are appealing to you.  Please help with a donation, big or small, or even set up a monthly amount if you can to aid us in our work.  That would be great.

On behalf of us at TCF and all throat cancer patients, we thank you for your help.



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