April 9, 2013

Geoff’s Patient Journey: Treatment To Recovery

In the second part of our fundraiser Geoff’s treatment journey we will go with Geoff through his treatment and his recovery. This part of the journey is hard and we have decided not to spare too much of the detail. We want this site to be as honest as possible about what treatment is like. If ,

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Geoff’s Patient Journey : Reflections

In this final section of Geoff’s patient journey ,  Geoff has reflected on his treatment and offers some thoughts and advice for anyone who is facing a new diagnosis. These are Geoff’s experiences and thoughts and may not be true for everyone. What is right is what works for an individual. There are things which

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Geoff’s Patient Journey – Symptoms And Diagnosis

One of our fundraisers Geoff Battla has kindly agreed to share his treatment journey after he was diagnosed with throat cancer. This first part will look at what symptoms Geoff had and then what happened after that. We have decided to use the Q and A format for this and hopefully Geoff’s experiences will help others going

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