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News & articles on throat and HPV-related cancers.

Family of throat cancer victim launch charity cricket match in his honour

The loved ones of a dad who tragically died from Throat Cancer weeks before his 50th birthday are holding a charity cricket match in his …

The psychological impact of head and neck cancers

With ‘Things that give me anxiety’ trending today on Twitter, we thought it was important to delve into the psychological impact of head and neck …

Throat Cancer Foundation launches new communications team

The Throat Cancer Foundation has appointed former national newspaper journalist Lisa Boyle as head of the charity’s brand new PR & Communications team. We are …

NHS Publishes HPV Vaccination Leaflet prior to Nationwide Vaccination Programme Launching in September


4 Days To Go!

Writing that down and saying it out loud still doesn’t make it feel like it’s real. I truly can’t believe that I will be running …

Julie Harmon, A carer’s story

Most of the personal stories we share are from throat cancer patients. We hear one of the most moving stories from a carer. Julie Harmon’s …

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