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News & articles on throat and HPV-related cancers.

The European Oncology Convention

European Oncology Convention, London 2019

The European Oncology Convention is one of Europe’s premier trade events for oncology professionals. Bringing over 2,000 leading clinicians and researchers from the UK and …

Dr Emmerson

Why I’m Working To Help Relieve Dry Mouth For Throat Cancer Sufferers

Dr Emmerson’s research work is aimed at relieving ‘dry mouth’ in throat cancer sufferers; a very debilitating condition often brought on as a result of …

HPV Action

The HPV Action Story

On 24 July 2018, public health minister Steve Brine took fewer than 30 seconds to inform the House of Commons that boys would now be …

Full JCVI statement: extending the vaccination programme to boys

Following the threat of a legal challenge by the Throat Cancer Foundation, and a robust awareness campaign with others, the Joint Committee for Vaccination and …

Why does cancer research uk classify throat cancer as ‘hard to treat’?

When a patient is diagnosed with throat cancer, their treatment may include surgery, along with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The throat area carries very important nerve …

Scottish government needs to heed public health england’s stance

The founder of Falkirk-based national charity, the Throat Cancer Foundation has broadly welcomed a decision made by the UK Government’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and …

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